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As a life coach I'm dedicated to handing you real opportunities.

Start living your own unique life in a successful, clear and skilled way.

You will notice a remarkable change after our first coaching session.



Take control of your own learning and unfolding process.

Be the co-designer of your success programme.

Together we will get you to where you want to be.

Your mind and your self

Come what may but people are obsessed with either fixing their minds or going beyond their minds. You are more than your mind. Your mind follows you when you live your life. Come set it right!

Your thoughts and your actions

Thoughts and actions lead to emotions. Then thoughts and actions follow those emotions. What a craziness! Come and learn why you do what you do and how to smile at whatever emotions arise.

Your body and your situation

To know where you are is extremely important so that you can know where you are going. Living your life for others leaves you empty and confused. Start living your life from within and for who you are.

You and others

All people have this beautiful yearning to belong. Unfortunately they never get it right. Actually, belonging is the most basic given fact of being human. Come and learn to share existing abundant intimacy.




I'm Martin.

What I have learned and experienced about being myself are the greatest gifts that one can receive and I'm greatful for that.

On a formal study level, I hold several degrees in Anthropology from various universities. On an informal study level:  Neurobiology and  Ethology is my passion!

My teaching and coaching experience span many decades and took me to more than twenty countries.

Some life coaches work with the mind, others with the body and a few with intimacy between people. I have opted to work with all three, initially one by one but as an integral package.   

My label as a kick-ass coach was given to me by my clients. Most of them found my coaching style not what they wanted but what they needed.

Living who you are, both the subliminal and the aware .... that is where we are heading at. Therefore I consciously refrain from handing you anything except opportunities. Only you know who you are and that is good like that.


I travel worldwide near you! Book your session now!

Private sessions as well as group worskhops are available.

Training courses & public speaking events take place regularly.



On 23 August 2014 I first wrote in to Martin to explore a greater understand myself and my sexuality. We got into a conversation that led to a tsunami of whatsapp chats and emails  before I experienced my first coaching session, and having done that... went on to study with him later on.

Martin was patient, witty, chatty and also knew how to rein in my small, petty mind to make me shift from my divya-mess to my Divya-ness.

He's been a kickass good coach (kick-ass being the operative word here), part-time friend and fellow traveler through life these past 3 years of my life... and plays an important role in helping me be ALL of me. 

His incisive intelligence and keen observation of the situations I discuss with him, the games my subliminal "me" plays, the reasons I cause myself unnecessary heartache, and whatever else my creative earthly self engages in puts him in the sometimes unenviable position to deliver a swift kick that's needed for the stubborn mind to shift..., but he's just as agile to support and celebrate a step I take to live from my authentic self, and accept my oneness with all beings.

His style of coaching allows me to play out the entire gamut of my painfully naked emotions, self expression or a pitiful lack of it.  He allows me, temporarily, to wallow in the rigid patterns that keep me stuck in my smallness, and the sometimes ridiculous conditioned values, beliefs and norms that I choose to live by. 

He is nurturing, and allows me to be... without getting caught up in the games people play.  He simply states 'what is', and reflects back to me 'what I am doing'.  He then steers me into considering something more self-affirming, and facilitates me to reach for that state of being permanent in my self expression, for which I am grateful.

Martin is fearless both as a coach and human being.  He is clear about himself, what he wants, what he knows.  The congruence in his thought, word and deed shines through in his coaching.


10 July, 2017

Bengaluru, India


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